Cardano Potions

Hi, I'm a Cardano Potion-Maker, and this is a place where everyone can have a special potion made for them! What will your potion be like?

You can now order your custom made designs!
Follow the link and imagine the potion of your dreams, our artisans and magicians will take care of it, and deliver it to your wallet!
This link is the door to our workshop:


The potions have been evolving, and each step is part of a series, there are also other custom series, that you can check here.

The First Dozen is the first set of potions released!

Special Potions

Special Potions are one off potions for special situations, promotions etc... They can be associated with a collection but have special purposes!

The Baker's Dozen

The Baker's Dozen, is the potion #13.
To reward collectors, I, as the minter, will only sell Potion #13 to collectors that have a full set of the First Dozen potions on their wallet!

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